Testimonials by RIC Patients

Dear Dr. Miller, You did it again! I have almost all zeros on my pain chart- unless I did too much. Your perfect injections are a real life-saver for me, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you! Thank you for caring about being so precise - it works! Gratefully,

-Stephanie R.

Knee Pain

Dr. Miller, Thank you for handling my case. I have continued PT at home with my exercise equipment and also 1.5 hours of water exercise in easy river 4 days a week. Also my knee hasn't bothered me after the injection. I feel 100% better.



Dr. Miller: Thank you. My shoulder is doing great [after the amniotic allograft shoulder injection]. Spending lots of time rehabing with light weights and bands. Can now do push-ups. No problem putting on shirts, jackets or sweaters. The right side of my back has quit hurting. Friends, a couple of whom are doctors, are very impressed. You can count on me for a positive referral. Thank you again,

-George G.

Back/Hip Pain

Dear Dr. Miller Thank you so much for relieving my back/hip pain, which is allowing me to thoroughly enjoy this holiday season! The injection was 100% successful - thank you again. Hope you and yours have a lovely holiday.

-Stephanie R.

Chronic Foot Fracture

Dr. Miller Thank you so much!! Had my x-ray today at my Kaiser doctor and my fracture is healed!! [this was a chronic, non-healing foot fracture associated with chronic neuropathy of the foot] It has been about 4 weeks. I have my life back because of you! Thank you,

-Mark T.